AI-driven Employee Feedback: Get the most out of the feedback with Lucky Carrot

AI-Driven Employee Feedback

HR is moving away from the traditional feedback collection process because employees are less likely to leave feedback about the issues that concern them. However, gathering employee feedback still remains one of the best ways to improve the employee experience.

The most effective approach, in this case, is to use technology-powered feedback, which is here to help companies streamline processes and identify areas for improvement.

Gathering Employee Feedback is a critical first step, but it is not enough on its own. It is only the beginning of a robust and effective employee engagement effort. 

Now it’s time to move from feedback to action and do it with AI-powered technology.

Meet the feature that all data-driven HRs crave

It’s time to drive meaningful change and create a thriving workplace together.

How? Start to act on the genuine feedback of your team.

And at this point, let us introduce you to our new AI-driven Feedback Feature that helps everyone uncover employees’ true challenges and real concerns, discover their real pains, and receive AI-generated recommendations on how to solve them.

Cultivate an inspiring culture and foster a workplace environment where the most pressing concerns are addressed, resulting in increased employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall organizational success.

So, let’s dive deeper and take a closer look at how this works.

1. Getting Anonymous Feedback from Your Team

Encouraging your team to share their thoughts shows that you value resolving their concerns and genuinely care for their well-being.

But sometimes, no matter how open the company is to employee feedback, most of the time employees avoid expressing what really concerns them, being afraid to be misunderstood.

So, how do we solve this problem with our new feature?

We have created a safe place where your employees can express their thoughts openly and anonymously. This way you will have the opportunity to detect the key hidden and requiring problems and find out where there is a need for improvement. 

Imagine you have an inbox full of chats with employees ready to share their thoughts.

2. Receiving AI-generated Actionable Insights

Now all HRs have the opportunity to make decisions with AI-powered actionable insights.

They can identify areas where employees are struggling, determine what motivates and engages them, have recommendations for specific actions, and provide data-backed insights that can help make informed decisions.

AI-Driven Employee Feedback

Now, let’s dive deeper and explore how AI can help to generate more actionable insights:

Measuring sentiment

Through advanced analytics our AI algorithms analyze the sentiment behind each feedback, highlighting the urgent matters so you can take action quickly.

Prioritizing areas for improvement

With this point we have compiled all the stored feedback analyses into a comprehensive dashboard, presenting the most impactful metrics and valuable insights

The feedback dashboard identifies the recurring and common problems that resonate across your teams having a huge impact on your organization.

Giving Quick replies that lead to smart solutions

Having singled out the most urgent problems of the employees and their problems, it is time to give them appropriate replies.

And now use our AI chat assistant to provide quick, informative, and exploratory replies that lead to smart solutions. In this way, you can already solve the problems in order to create a healthy workplace.

To address the most pressing issues, you can use the Trend metric to track the percentage of unresolved feedback and identify areas that need improvement.

And now something more exciting about our feedback

Suggest topics for the feedback with Generative AI

It has surely occurred to you that you had many thoughts about whether to implement something new in your company or how your team will react to any changes.

Now you can initiate meaningful anonymous conversations with your teammates and suggest feedback topics. Moreover, send AI-generated Follow-up questions based on employee engagement survey results related to common concerns and dive deeper into the root causes.

3.AI Recommendations: Solving problems on the fly

The moment has come to turn data into insights that drive results. Here comes the AI with data-driven recommendations to save you time and money.
Now you have a view of your team’s feedback patterns where you can see the general picture of your employees’ feedback.

As already mentioned you can gain a comprehensive view of your team’s feedback patterns, and historical dynamics and identify recurring, company-wide problems. In addition to this, you will receive AI-generated recommendations on how to solve those issues.

So, the Lucky Carrot Feedback feature will now on empower HR  professionals to act on their employee feedback and make data-driven actions, and be on the right track to boost engagement.

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