Effective Ways to Boost Employee Happiness

Have you ever thought what it would be like to have a big team of happy, motivated and dedicated employees?

Today many CEOs and managers have started to pay attention to employee happiness and its importance in increasing company productivity and reducing employee turnover rate.

After all, your employees are the ones who work hard to take your company to another level, and there can be nothing more important than making them feel happy and uplifted.

Happy employees are highly engaged and are the ones who come to workplace every day to make a difference. So, here are effective ways which will increase the levels of employee happiness in your workplace.

Inspire Innovation

Having creative freedom and knowing that mistakes are acceptable employees become more eager to implement their innovative ideas and try them out without any fear of failure. This will not only inspire innovation but will also be an opportunity to improve their knowledge.

Always empower your employees, encourage them to stay creative ensuring that they have room to take risks and make mistakes. An innovative team can always be a game-changer and create fresh opportunities for the future development of the company.

So, celebrate the mistakes as these are the key components of further success.

Encourage Growth

Most of your employees surely prioritize growth. You can provide your team with training and courses which will enhance their professional skills and enrich their knowledge. This will make your employees feel more valued and happier.

By the way, there is yet another way to ensure the growth of your team. Identify the interests of your employees, and what they enjoy most. This will help you choose responsibilities that will actually help to improve themselves.  

Avoid Micromanaging

One of the crucial components of building trust is to stop micromanaging. As a manager, you sometimes want to get involved in every single thing and show your control. You may think that it helps your team to be productive, but it’s vice versa.

Most of the time micromanaging makes your employees feel underappreciated and not valued. This hugely hampers the difficult process of trust-building, decreases motivation, and shuts down your team’s creativity.

Meanwhile, having your full trust and the freedom to make decisions your team will enjoy carrying out their responsibilities and will be inspired to implement new ideas. Yet another way to show that you value and respect their opinion.

Prioritize Timely Recognition

The power of employee recognition is sometimes undervalued, or simply not given much importance. But actually, it’s a key ingredient for enhancing employee performance, increasing the levels of engagement, decreasing turnover rate, and in the end making your employees feel happy and appreciated.

It is considered a key driver of employee engagement. According to Forbes, 37% of employees consider recognition as most important in boosting their productivity level.

The feeling of not being recognized for the job well done or for going the extra mile hugely demotivates your employees, makes them feel underappreciated․ So, celebrate both personal and team milestones, recognize your employees’ achievements, and create a thank you culture in your workplace.

Communicate Your Vision to Your Staff

Tell your team about the company goals and discuss the future making your employees part of the bigger picture.

Your team should be very well aware of what’s going on. For this you need to consistently promote the vision, explain why the company exists and that everybody in the team should work towards that one direction to achieve the company goals.

This will not only unite the whole team around the company vision but will also serve as an incentive to stay even more productive. Your staff will clearly see that the work they do helps to get one step closer to the company goals making them feel more trusted and important.

Work on the Feedback You Get

The base of every happy and successful team lies in transparency and full trust, where the opinion of each employee is taken into account. That is to say, you should make your employees’ voices heard as it’s one of the crucial components of keeping them engaged and motivated.  

Today many companies conduct employee engagement surveys to get feedback from their employees and to understand their real problems and concerns, to discover all the factors which may prevent the employees from giving out their best performance. Such surveys enable your team to speak up and make their opinions heard giving you an opportunity to make improvements.

But the key ingredient of this process is that you should allocate time for working on the feedback you get. Otherwise, it won’t work. This will surely encourage them and make sure that their opinion really matters.

Happy employees are the ones who make a big change, and by working hard and being dedicated to your company goals they create thousands of possibilities for further success.

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