Lucky Carrot Teams up With Zoom to Bring Appreciation to Virtual Meetings

Lucky Carrot app for Zoom

We are super excited and proud to announce that Lucky Carrot teams up with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to bring appreciation and recognition to any remote collaboration․

“Recognition goes a long way no matter the distance”

We believe that appreciation is an integral part of professional communication, it’s a crucial component that unlocks productivity, increases motivation and helps to see that your commitment is valued and seen.

Today we are taking a major step towards bringing it right where collaboration takes place.

With the Lucky Carrot app for Zoom, our goal is to create a culture where everybody gets meaningful recognitions for their hard work, foster collaboration and help in coming closer to in-person meetings no matter the distance.

Meet the Lucky Carrot App for Zoom

The Lucky Carrot app for Zoom is a recognition platform where people connect to recognize hard work, say thank you and celebrate achievements; right during Zoom meetings. It empowers the meeting participants to highlight the best, most productive moments, express their gratitude and drive more engaging meetings.

Let’s see how it works. You can share your words of appreciation by sending virtual carrots to the meeting participants for their hard work and efforts. After collecting several carrots you can redeem them for diverse gift cards and fun experiences from our global “Rewards” catalogue.

Whether it’s a team meeting, business interaction or a webinar, you can easily brighten up someone’s day and make them feel appreciated and seen.

Try the Lucky Carrot app for Zoom

Lucky Carrot App for Zoom

Bring Your Team Together and Motivate Them

Imagine expressing your gratitude and showing how much you appreciate your teammates’ efforts and creative ideas, right during your team meet-up on Zoom with everyone else seeing and reacting.

There isn’t a better motivation and inspiration than when your teammates value your hard work. This kind of teamwork fosters strong bonds, meaningful connections, instills trust and creates a positive work environment. This results in a more productive and efficient work process, always leading to successful collaboration.

With remote work being the new normal, taking care of having a supportive and motivating team environment is even more crucial.

By creating a Lucky Carrot workspace for your team you can enable them to send their recognition carrots to one another during Zoom meetings, cheer up for each other right on the spot and bring visibility to the coolest ideas. The recognitions won’t disappear when you end the meeting and will be available on your workspace on the Lucky Carrot web.

Bring appreciation to virtual meetings

Celebrate employees’ achievements and hard work right on the spot

Remote work has changed workplace dynamics. With all the flexibility and perks it offers, now it’s easier than ever to feel disconnected and isolated, negatively impacting your team’s overall motivation and morale.

What’s more important, workplace visibility, tap on the back and warm words of appraisal are sometimes missing in remote work. Now you can bring all these into your daily meetings and discussions with real-time recognitions and celebrate each other’s successes no matter how small they may be.

Foster collaboration, and keep up the team spirit by making sure everyone’s commitment and contribution are appreciated. The Lucky Carrot app for Zoom will empower you to create a warm and supportive work environment even in a remote setting.

Build Meaningful Connections During Business Meetings

Celebrating successful partnerships and business meetings is a wonderful way to acknowledge the hard work and efforts put in by everyone involved. These moments are not just about the success itself but also about the relationships and meaningful connections that were built along the way. When you find yourself working with individuals who go above and beyond to make that partnership a successful one, it’s important to show your appreciation and gratitude.

With Lucky Carrot, take the time to recognize your best partnership experiences and highlight the most productive moments that stand out to you during virtual meetings.

Drive More Engaging Webinars and Community Meet-ups

Virtual events, webinars, and conferences have become the norm in the digital age, and it’s essential to make these events as interactive and engaging as possible to create a positive and memorable experience for attendees.

Enabling Lucky Carrot will help you create a positive and engaging environment that drives participation, fosters collaboration, and builds connections within the community. Imagine letting the speaker know you loved their speech or recognising the best question ever.

Connect with the attendees, express your appreciation and make virtual experiences feel more real.

Lucky Carrot App for Zoom
Make virtual experiences feel more real – learn more

The Lucky Carrot app for Zoom is built for both individuals and teams who want to bring appreciation to any remote collaboration. Stay connected, and come closer to in-person meetings no matter where you work.

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